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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, I've been forced to cancel months of touring in the USA and Switzerland.

My Team and I have started this subscription service in order for me to continue to play for and interact with my supporters, as well as provide something for my family while touring is suspended. 

If you join this subscription, you will pay a small amount every month and in return, every week you will be sent a different video of exclusive content NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! 

This connection will allow me to do what inspires me most, playing for my supporters, and use my gift with my Singing Guitar to help us all keep peace of mind during these very difficult times. In addition, your contribution will be essential in keeping my music alive. I THANK YOU!

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  • Q+A videos
  • Extended Singing Guitar Vibes Videos with bloopers, unreleased songs and words of encouragement
  • Guitar tips 
  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching OR  Exclusive Online Show

Thank you so much for supporting my career.